Gigi Rivera video – Red vibrator

Hey, guys! I really hope that you are ready for a new Gigi Rivera video update, cause she is definitely ready to impress you with her new toys! She felt super horny since she woke up this morning, so she decided to stay in for a while and play with herself cause otherwise she will have her tight pussy trembling for the entire day so she won’t be able to focus on some other things besides her eager pussy. So she took her new red sex toy from her secret drawer and she started to play with it and also to get rid of her clothes!

She remained only with her pink candy striped leggings and nothing else on. Like hot Melissa Midwest, she loves it when she is all naked like that but most of all she loves the way that toy feels on her skin and mostly between her legs. She adores playing like that by herself, she doesn’t need, in fact, some other person to please her, cause she knows it too well how to do it herself. Have a great day watching Gigi and her magic stick and see you tomorrow, for the next video update with this gorgeous babe!

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Gigi Rivera porn video – Shower fuck

There is a fresh new Gigi Rivera porn video for you so here comes the hottie! You got to take a seat and relax, cause the next scenes are going to be simply mind blowing, trust me! Gigi was feeling super naughty the entire day, she just couldn’t think about something else but how to get home more quick, to be only with herself, to explore her sizzling hot body and to take time to enjoy every inch of her skin. She got into the shower, wanting to get rid of that eagerness that she felt between her legs.

She adores to mess around with her own body, to go with her hands all over it and to explore every part of it, to squeeze her firm tits and to go way down, on her pussy, with her fingers, to play for a little bit with her muffin. Just before she tool her sex toy as well, for a much more intense pleasure, she stuffed her fingers inside her muffin, to make it more slippery and roomy for that toy to get in. She took this new friend of hers right in the shower, cause she knew that it’s going to end up right into her tight pussy! If you liked this cutie click here and watch another gorgeous chick dildo fucking her tight pussy!


Gigi Rivera pov blowjob

We have a new Gigi Rivera pov for you! Get ready to see how your favorite babe is going down on a cock and she is going to offer this guy one of the most amazing blow jobs ever! You will see how this gorgeous slut will get down on her knees, with her mouth wide open and she will receive an outstanding mouth fuck, ending up with a huge creamy facial! But until then, you will see how Gigi will play with that huge cock, putting it on her breasts, touching her erect nipples with it and then she will stuff it into her mouth and she will start kissing it and slurping it!

It’s amazing how she can lick those balls with so much passion and how eager she is when she is going with her tongue from the bottom of it, until the top of it. Not to mention that she is going to end up with a huge load of cum into her mouth, but she likes it that way so no worries! Have a great time guys and be ready to be mentally blown by this slutty babe and her awesome skills in blowing cocks! If you wanna see a slutty blonde deepthroating some huge cocks, visit slutty Britney Madison‘s blog!

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Two naughty hatties

The most recent Gigi Rivera porn update will totally blow your mind, trust me, cause now you have not just one hottie, but two! Like the babes from sapphic lesbian videos, both of them are looking super hot, both of them looking amazing and both of them super horny. What do you need more then that? These two babes will have the best time ever with their sex toys, while they are sharing the same bed. These two gorgeous babes will have the best time ever rubbing their clit in the same time, cause they both have the same kind of sex toy, so they will manage to please and rub their pussies big time.

You will see how they will spread their legs and they will offer you an amazing picture of their cunts, both wet and moist, just perfect! You will simply adore this update, you won’t be capable of thinking about something else today but this naughty update, trust me, so have a seat and enjoy the next moments with Gigi Rivera and her girlfriend and get ready to be impressed by their naughty play! You will adore them and you won’t be able to focus on some other things, today, after watching them self pleasuring their eager pussies with those huge toys! You definitely got to see what other things are these two going to do with their own muffins but also with the other one’s. Yes, they will go way much further with their own hot games so stay tuned cause you will have the best time ever, here!gigi-and-her-friend-masturbating

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Gigi Rivera – Riding the sibyan

The latest Gigi Rivera porn update is going to be simply legendary, trust me! Gigi will climb her sibyan and she is going to have orgasm after orgasm, just the way she wanted and she needed the entire week. She was super horny lately and the bad thing was that she didn’t even had the time for her or to self pleasure her own pussy. But she planned to have the entire weekend only for herself, to get just as much sex as she wanted or at least to finger fuck and do all sorts of things for her and her tight muffin. And because none of her fuck buddies answered the phone, she took her sibyan out, cause it was about time she used it. gigi-and-the-sibyanShe has this sex toy from her birthday, it was a gift, but she didn’t even had the chance to use it until now, but the weekend was long and she was all alone, so why not? Trust me, Gigi will simply adore this thing and she is going to use it way more often, it might become a daily routine now that she noticed that she could cum so easily and she doesn’t even have to do a lot for this amazing orgasm! She just needs to ride that thing and get in the mood, cause the rest is not up to her! Have an amazing time watching Gigi and her favorite partner ever, the sibyan. You will adore her! Like the chicks from the punk porn blog, she adores riding big fat toys, so have fun watching her!

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Smoking and masturbating

Oh yes, Gigi Rivera is super hot and now she wants to be even a badgirl! She went shopping today and she bought for herself a giant white dildo that she is super eager to use, cause she is dying out of curiosity to see how it works and how good it is in pleasuring her pussy! She couldn’t wait to arrive at home and unpack, cause her pussy was already wet only by thinking about her huge dildo! She took that awesome sex toy out, thrown her clothes away, of course that she had some striped leggings on, like always and she started to have fun with her new fucking thing!

She adores it, it’s just insane how that huge thing is managing to rub and please her erect clit! She is going to cum so often now, that she wouldn’t even go out for a week or so, until she will get sick of this naughty dildo. You will adore this amazing update, trust me and you will adore the way Gigi Rivera is going to please herself in front of you, having orgasm after another orgasm! Hot! You will have the best time ever with this gorgeous naughty slut, trust me! If you’re looking for more action, check out the POV This site and see some naughty babes sucking cocks!

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Gigi Rivera – getting dirty on the new couch

naughty-gigi-rivera-playing-with-herselfHi, guys! I really hope that you are eager to see what Gigi Rivera is going to impress you today! She was buying new furniture cause she needed a change into her apartment and in her life as well, so the minute the new couch has arrived at her place and she got herself some spare time, she wanted to try it, to see how comfy it is! Of course that she removed all of her clothes but her striped leggings that are her favorite and she climbed that yellow couch, spreading her legs. It was really comfy indeed so she felt super natural to please herself right there, on that relaxing couch.

She started to rub and press her tiny boobies and to gently pull her erect nipples and than, when it was about time for something more hardcore, she went down with her fingers, until she reached her wet and warm pussy, that was simply craving and trembling after her touch! She couldn’t wait to stuff her fingers there, to get the job done more quick. She couldn’t wait any longer so she stated to please herself with a lot of passion and pleasure! Have a good one watching her! If you wanna see another sexy amateur chick rubbing her pussy, check out the blog! Have fun!

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Getting dirty for the car mechanic

Gigi Rivera had some problems with her car and she didn’t knew what to do. Luckily, there was a car mechanic nearby so she went there to get it fixed. The other problem was that she was out of cash, so she was thinking that she could pay him somehow other than with money, because she has a hot body. Not a problem, anyway this car mechanic was a good looking guy so she wasn’t in a danger or something. The worst thing that could happen was for them to fuck, and that wasn’t the worst, if you know what I mean.

You got to see how this slutty Gigi started to strip in front of this guy, applying some motor oil over her body, just to be more sexy and wild for him. She knew that once she is going to start removing her clothes, she is going to have to do a lot more, but in fact that wasn’t a problem, cause she wanted to pose this hot, anyway! She was super needy anyway, so she started to rub her erect nipples and touch herself, every single inch of her body, making this guy super hard! You will definitely have to see what happened next!



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Quick locker room sex

Gigi Rivera is sometimes kind of slutty, cause no matter where she is at, she adores to have fun with her body and very often she feels like that trembling that she feels between her legs have to be stopped somehow and the only way is to please herself. Just like today, after the sport class, she found herself in the locker room thinking only about sex. She was so desperate that she had to wait for her colleagues to go home and leave her there along. But in fact, she wasn’t truly alone, cause in her locker there was her true friend, a pink dildo who was ready to be stuffed into her pussy.

hot-gigi-rivera-sucking-her-toyShe checked the place to see if she is all alone indeed and when she realized that she was, she started to undress herself and she started to touch her own body, going with her hands all over the place. She knew that she is going to have an amazing orgasm right there and that there is no way she could miss such a pleasure. So she started to stuff that pink sex toy into her mouth, cause she wanted it to be a little bit wet, to slide better into her warm pussy. Have an amazing time next to your favorite sexy babe Gigi Rivera and don’t forget to see the entire video, cause she is going to have a blast into this locker room, trust me, and she is going to do a lot of naughty things! If you liked this lovely chick visit blog and enjoy watching another cutie massaging her perfect tits!

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Gigi Rivera – Naughty outdoors

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Cause you are such a great fan and follower, we are going to hit you with a new Gigi Rivera pics galllery. Today, because it was very warm outside, Gigi felt like she should have a little fun but she should also go out, so the best was for her to go near the pool, into her backyard, to have an amazing time with herself, get tanned and even get to please her tight pussy, cause she didn’t had time for her own, lately. As soon as she went out, she removed her clothes and she started to lay and to stretch, to spread her legs and let her hands go pretty much wild on her body, mostly down there where the eagerness it’s the most intense, at her pussy.

She simply loves staying naked like that, even if she knows that some of her friends are going to come at her place, somehow she is even more naughty and horny when she knows that someone could see her in this posture! Just have a great time watching how Gigi will get to please her wet pussy, right there, outside, under the sun! She is super hot and she will spread her legs just for you! For similar videos click here and watch another cutie posing sexy in front of the cam!

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